Despite our best efforts to make things safe for our pets, sometimes accidents happen. Your roommate might have carelessly left a window open that a curious cat discovered, or the hole in the fence you thought was fixed might have given way with the persistence of an eager dog. Whatever the situation, the important thing is to find your pet.

You may post information about a lost or found pet here. The listing will be active for two weeks from the date and time that it is approved. Most listings are approved within 24 hours. After two weeks, you must re-submit the listing. Provide as much detail as you can in describing your missing dog or cat, including: age, gender, spayed or neutered, where your pet was last seen (e.g., your address if you last saw him in your home), whether or not your pet was wearing a collar and/or ID, and any other identifying characteristics, like scars or unusual markings. Photos are essential!

It is also recommended that you report a lost or found pet to Henry County Animal Care & Control: